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Art Workshops in London Ontario

Unlock Your Creativity Through Workshops

Unleash your creativity at Westland Gallery's art workshops. Designed for all skill levels, these hands-on sessions offer expert guidance and inspiration. Join us to explore different techniques and mediums, connect with fellow art enthusiasts, and embark on an enriching artistic journey.

Current & Upcoming Workshops

Join Jen Hamilton for this 4 week Mixed Media Painting Workshop. Tuesdays 6:30-8:30. June 4th-25th During this 4-week Mixed Media Acrylic Painting workshop, students will explore painting with a focus on texture and non-traditional materials.  Pairing collage, textiles, stencils, and surface printing into traditional painting compositions, participants will push the limits of their creativity and expression. An award-winning printmaker and Painter from London, Ontario, Canada, Jen Hamilton’s practice encompasses interdisciplinary modes.  Working in printmaking, painting, drawing and sculpture she explores themes of motherhood, genetic memory, stress and the unconscious.  Her work is exhibited both nationally and internationally and is held in both private and public collections. To see  her work please visit or visit her on Instagram @jenhamiltonart.
Join Ev Ward for this unique Workshop You will learn an easy method of creating cord from scraps of fabric and foraged materials. This workshop requires quite a bit of finger dexterity. A fun morning creating rope from fabric and found natural elements while contemplating the things that keep us tied up and the things that bind us together. You can use cordage for: gift wrapping basketmaking weaving macrame rag rugs necklaces & bracelets garland wrapping jars, pots & lampshades Sunday April 14th 9:30-11:30am. $50+hst Please note that there are no refunds for workshops. A credit will be given towards future workshops or gallery purchase if 48 hours notice is given.  
Paint Your Inner Voice ~ 1 day workshop/Retreat July 29th 2024 1-5pm $100+hst Join artist and art therapist Hailey Tallman for a day of learning to listen to your inner voice and letting it guide you through paint! Hailey’s Paint Your Inner Voice process is for anyone who wants to try painting more intuitively, wherein you let go of the product and paint for the process! Imagine doing mindfulness with a paintbrush in your hand: Which colour is your inner voice calling for? What lines and patterns feel right? You don’t have to know what you are doing, and it’s better if you let go of any plan because Hailey will be there to help you tune in to your inner voice and paint from a place of openness and freedom. The painting process will be followed by guided journalling to glean meaning from your painting, and will culminate in safe, community sharing of insights and takeaways from this unique process. You’re sure to leave with a whole new vision for how creating can be if you let go of judgement and open up to the process. Hailey Tallman is an Artist, Art Therapist, and Therapeutic Art Facilitator. She graduated from bealart in 1998 and the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University with her BFA in 2003. She went on to get her Masters’ in Creative Arts Therapies from Concordia in 2015.  Inspired by her own personal healing through art and art therapy, Hailey created the therapeutic art process called “Paint Your Inner Voice” that focuses on process over product. This process helps people heal their “art scars” via connection with their inner knowing and opens them up to their inherent creativity. Hailey’s artwork is spontaneous, intuitive, and very colourful. It has been said to invoke a sense of joy and hope in those who see it.  Never pre-planned, her artwork is deeply intuitive. She follows her inner voice as she paints and is in constant dialogue with the colours, patterns, movement and emotions that emerge as she paints, both within her and on the canvas. Please note there are no refunds for workshops. A credit will be given for extenuating circumstances. Credit may be used for future workshops or purchasing art from the gallery.    
Join Marijo Swick for this unique mixed media Workshop. You will be making a steampunk airship from paper maché and found objects. You will also learn how to create different patinas and rust in paint. Workshop runs Tuesday from 6:30-8:30 for 4 consecutive weeks. May 7th-28th. WEEK ONE • talk about paper maché, paper clays, how to make • Form building using recycled/upcycled materials • Build our basic form and cover in paper maché • Show some examples of what I do WEEK TWO • Think about/sketch ideas on how we want our ship to look. The basket or gondola if we want it, will it have chain or string to carry gondola, that sort of thing.  • Refine the shapes using paper maché paste and/or drywall compound • Sanding • Coat of sealer • Paint hopefully.. • While waiting for the main body to dry, we can work on creating details to be applied later (ie propellers, cogs, built up bits and pieces. Sketching out design ideas WEEK THREE • Painting • Talk about how I find things, how I put them together, maybe we could do some of that week two, or one while waiting for things to dry • Start to add found objects • Maybe sketch first • Discuss mechanical connections vs glued WEEK FOUR • Finish up • Learn how to create various patinas Marijo Swick is a fine artist, tinkerer, and explorer. Using both traditional and digital media she works on a wide range of things, including original sculpture and painting.Her favourite types of subject matter revolve around steampunk and science, specifically genetics. Mixed media is where she is really abke to lose herself. You can check out her other work or at *Most supplies will be provided by the artist and gallery. Please note that there are no refunds for workshops. A credit will be issued with 48 hours notice of cancellation.
Tuesdays March 26th-April 16th 6:30-8:30 Cost: $180+hst includes all materials. Join Janet Antone for this 4 week Workshop. Learn Beading and make a pair of fringe beaded earrings. Janet will talk about her experience as an Indigenous person and how beading has become medicine for her as she reclaims her cultural identity. This workshop is intended for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous participants. Your curated take home kit will include: – beading mat – seed beads – pin template – hand poured wax cube – needle – thread – travel pouch Please bring an open mind. No previous beading experience required. Ms. Antone’s Beadwork is fine wearable art handcrafted by Janet Antone, a proud member of the Oneida Nation of the Thames. Creating dynamic and contemporary beaded earrings, using vibrant colourways and detailed designs, Ms. Antone’s beadwork is beadwork made for everyone, including both pierced and non pierced ears.  She has showcased her work at many markets across Southwestern Ontario, she is also the current artist-in-resident for Growing Local Markets. Both Janet and her work have been featured on Global News, CBC, Rutherford Falls, Letterkenny & Shoresy. She was also by-mentioned in Vogue and recently featured in London Chamber of commerce annual book entitled “shared waters” in 2022.    
Instructor: Sarah Cowling Dates: February 27th to March 19th, 2024, on Tuesday evenings, 6:30- 8:30pm Price: $180 +HST Supplies (students are required to supply): Supports -watercolour paper 8×11 pad, 140 lbs Paints- Ph Martin inks- a blue , yellow and a red Old magazines- with lots of colour Found papers, napkins, wrapping paper etc Pen and note book What Will I Learn? In this four-week workshop, students will learn the art of the concertina style sketchbook, how to make collages using individual stained tissue papers, and take part in several fun activities such as collaged post cards, and shared collage. Please note that there are no refunds for workshops. A credit will be given for cancellations received 48 hours before the start of the Workshop.
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