Click on the title of each workshop to display details about the class. Call the gallery to register (519) 601 – 4420. All workshops take place at Westland Gallery.

December 1st - Katie Lardner -Fabric painting and embroidery

In this workshop we will work with watercolour fabric paint and hand embroidery techniques to create a winter/holiday themed art hoop. Participants will learn how to paint a custom watercolour background, how to transfer a design onto the fabric and learn two different hand embroidery stitches. Draw your own design or choose from a variety of winter and holiday theme graphics (mitten, stocking, star, snowman, etc). Materials include a 7″ embroidery hoop, cotton fabric, black or navy embroidery floss, and embroidery needle. This workshop is suitable for all skill levels!


Thursday December 1st, 6:30 to 8:30 pm. Sold Out.


Katie Lardner is a Mixed-Media Artist residing in Old South, London, Ontario with her husband and two kids. She has a passion for all fibre arts, including embroidery, weaving, punch needle, macrame, crochet and knitting. She is a self-taught artist and loves using different fibre art techniques to create pieces full of colour and texture. She has shown her work at Tap Centre for Creativity and the Square Foot Show at Westland Gallery. She has also been teaching art and craft workshops in the London area since 2015.

December 8th - Hattie Benjamin- Paper Quilling

Join Hattie for a Paper Quilling Workshop. Create a card or display piece in this unique art form. The pieces will be winter themed so perfect for the holiday season.


Thursday December 8th, 6:30 to 8:30 pm.  One spot left!


About Hattie. “I enjoy playing with colour and blurring the lines between abstract and figurative art. My earliest memories of viewing art as a child are of being told to back up, view each piece from a distance, and to take it in as a whole. But, for those like myself who enjoy getting lost in the small details, I encourage the contrary. Take a step closer, enjoy each carefully placed piece of paper, each playfully inked layer, to discover your own source of joy from the delicate maze within subject”.

December 15th - Zentangle with Lorraine Thomson

December 15th – Zentangle Ornaments with Lorraine Thomson

Join us for a Zentangle Workshop with Lorraine Thomson. Lorraine will be teaching the art of Zentangle and you will have the opportunity to create an ornament or two. The Workshop is Running on Thursday November 24th 6:30-8:30 and is $45 including all supplies.

January 12th- February 2nd- Painting with Corinne Garlick

This four week workshop will run on Thursdays from 6:30-8:30 for 4 consecutive weeks. The cost for the 4 week workshops is $180.​
Painted Memories 
Do you have a special experience or event you have wanted to translate into a painting?
Using a variety of techniques and ideas we’ll sketch and paint from your source images (and recollection) to create a painting that comes from your memories, a feeling or an inspiration. We’ll break down a photo and extract meaningful information for the painter, and then look at how colour, drawing, tonality and texture affect our newly created image.
This class is open to all levels and you are welcome to paint in either acrylic or oil. 

February 9th - Paul Abeleira Drawing Faces

Learn how to take your charcoal portraits from a basic likeness to an exact likeness in this workshop using soft vine charcoal on paper. Discover an easy measuring method that will take you to an accurate likeness every time. After learning the techniques presented in this class, you will draw uncanny faces in minutes.
Materials: soft vine charcoal, sketchbook or loose paper

February 16th - March 9th - Watercolour with Susan Garrington

This four week workshop will run on Thursdays from 6:30-8:30 for 4 consecutive weeks. The cost for the 4 week workshops is $180.​
Watercolour Painting
Susan will guide you through the process from concept, sketch to finished piece. Discover new ways to use colour to create visual interest and harmony. This workshop is open to all levels so each individual can explore at a pace that works for them.
WEEKS ONE AND TWO Using templates to assist us, we will explore the possibilities of two very different triads. After creating reference charts using the triads, we will use the colours produced to make two small paintings, one for each palette.
WEEKS THREE AND FOUR Using one of the palettes explored in weeks one and two, the students will use their own reference photos to produce paintings.

March 23rd - April 13th - Painting with Peter Karas

This four week workshop will run on Thursdays from 6:30-8:30 for 4 consecutive weeks. The cost for the 4 week workshops is $180.
Painting Architecture, Structures and the Built Environment
Have you ever struggled with depicting convincing buildings and structures in your painting? Take this workshop to develop your abilities for painting houses, streetscapes and any other “built” setting. We’ll take a look at (single and multipoint) perspective, linework for buildings, how to develop interesting textural elements and paint a scene that incorporates all these ideas to make a compelling architectural themed work.​

Movement in the Gallery

Join us every Wednesday evening for a rejuvenating and relaxing movement practice at Westland Gallery, surrounded by beautiful local art. Yoga based mobility, strength and stretch. Whether you are a beginner or have experience with yoga based movement this class will be accessible to all. Registration is required and space is limited to 8 participants to allow for distancing. 

The classes will run in 4 week segments. With each new 4 week session focusing on a different aspect of your movement practice. We will explore stability for hips, upper body strength and stretch, flow, restorative and foundational poses.

Classes will be led by Michaela Devine Altenburg. Michaela has been teaching yoga based movement in London since 2014.

Join us to build a restorative and practical movement practice that you can use throughout your week.

Classes are $15 each, or 4 for $40
To register: call the gallery at 519 601-4420 or stop by!