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Denise Antaya

Her roadmap to success avoids highways, and that’s the way she likes it. Growing up in the country makes her appreciate the simple things, the beauty in nature. She didn’t spend her childhood on the highway, but back roads in the countryside, sometimes following a slow moving tractor. She took time to enjoy the sunshine, the surrounding fields, the shapes of the clouds in the sky. These are things that formed her love of landscapes. The everyday themes in Denise Antaya’s oil paintings combine her love of nature and her fascination with light and how it transforms an often overlooked scene. Her subjects range from season to season but almost always represent the natural environment untouched by man. She has the ability to capture a moment and even transport one back to a quieter, simpler time. Her process starts with an underpainting, called a brunaille. It’s meticulously rendered, as the most important part of the process. Here the composition, value structure and drawing is sorted out, before the complication of colour is added. It’s a lot easier to change it at this stage in the process. No amount of paint can correct a bad drawing or poor composition. It’s the foundation needed to create a successful painting. Once she determines that everything is where it needs to be, she adds colour. Her plein air paintings work hand in hand with her studio work. Being out in nature where you see the nuances of colour help compensate for the drawbacks of photography when used. To Antaya, painting the landscape is relevant. Everyone can appreciate nature, but it’s not the only reason she does this. It’s a way to document “how it was”. She loves the beauty of nature, unchanged by man, but the environment is being forever changed. Farms are being bought for development, old barns torn down, hundred year old trees disappearing. It’s a way to remember, often brings back simpler times when the world was not so fast paced. It’s a visual reminder of where we were, and also sometimes of where we are heading. The landscape is a never ending source of inspiration, one that will never end with its ever changing moods and complications. It’s a lifetime endeavour she hopes to never master!
Denise Antaya

Available Artwork by Denise Antaya

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