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Jill Price

Jill Price's Landscapes on Tables reflect the artist's interest in the interconnectivity of material things and beings. An extension of her research into unmaking as a creative act, each still-life has been painted over one of the artist's earlier landscape paintings as a way of speaking to how interior and exterior environments are physically and psychically linked as well as to help slow the rate at which she contributes to the further extraction and contamination of the land that feeds us. Accepted into the 2022 Alchemy Artist Residency in Prince Edward County, Price will be helping to prepare meals for local farmers and migrant workers in between drawing and writing for trees who have survived residential and agricultural expansion in the region. An IAMD MFA Graduate from OCAD University, Jill Price received a national SSHRC research grant for her investigations of land as archive. Currently a PHD student at Queen’s University., she works at the intersection of drawing and sculpture, Price completed her undergraduate work at the University of Western Ontario under the tutelage of some of London's greatest creative minds such as Duncan De Kergommeaux, Sheila Butler, Wyn Geleynse, Colette Urban, Kim Moodie, Helmut Becker, and curator Barbara Fischer. Now living and working in Barrie, Ontario, Price spent the majority of her childhood in Pickering, Ontario, where her family lived on the edge of suburban development. This along with a farming background and her parent’s passion for camping, hiking and skiing generated a true respect and connection with the land that still informs the artist's work today. At times narrative and other times abstract, Price works across different media in both an indexical and expressive way to map her surroundings, their materiality and the constant state of change in which we attempt to coexist.
Jill Price

Available Artwork by Jill Price

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