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Julia Ismambetova

Julia studied creative visual arts at university and graduated with a degree in Fine Art from Almaty State University (ASU) in 1995. Between 1996 and 1998, she taught and lectured in the ASU Arts and Crafts department, before pursuing her artistic career full-time.Julia creates her art using original technique, taking modern approach to the traditional art of batik, and has been known to describe her self-expression as akin to ‘graphics on silk’. Julia has exhibited widely almost every year since 1998, in Kazakhstan, at Christie's Auction House in London (UK) and in Toronto. Individuals and corporations around the world, including in Kazakhstan, Russia, Spain, South Korea, the USA, Canada, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Germany, Sweden and Israel, have purchased her original artwork for their residences and offices.
Julia Ismambetova

Available Artwork by Julia Ismambetova

graphics on silk

39.0'' x 27.0''


graphics on silk / silk, acrylic

24'' x 24''


acrylic on silk

35.0'' x 35.0''


acrylic on silk

33.0'' x 36.0''


acrylic on silk

28.0'' x 36.0''


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