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Stephanie Fehrenbach

Stephanie Fehrenbach grew up in Toronto, Ontario in a very creative family. She credit her parents as doers - if they didn’t know something, they’d find a way to figure it out. If something was broken, they’d fix it themselves. If something wasn’t designed well enough for what they wanted, they’d alter and improve it. This has served as inspiration for Stephanie in her career. Stephanie always wanted to become an artist, but it never seemed like a realistic career path to pursue. She received her B.F.A. Honours Degree from Queen’s University in 2006. Stephanie recalls packing bins in the supply closet for an artist’s mural one day, admiring her life, and thinking maybe her dream to be an artists was not so crazy after all. So, she set up an easel in the kitchen of her tiny, one-bedroom apartment and just started. She hasn’t stopped 8 years later! Hundreds of paintings later, she has found a distinct style and process and exhibits throughout southwestern Ontario.
Stephanie Fehrenbach

Available Artwork by Stephanie Fehrenbach

oil on canvas

48.0'' x 48.0''


oil on canvas

48.0'' x 40.0''


oil on canvas

48.0'' x 36.0''


oil on canvas

60.0'' x 48.0''


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