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Square Foot Show 2023

An Artistic Haven in London, Ontario

Westland Gallery invites you to experience the transformative power of art in a distinctive and stimulating environment. Each visit offers an opportunity to discover a meticulously curated collection of artworks that spans multiple styles and genres. From seasoned art connoisseurs to novice appreciators, everyone will find an artwork that resonates with their unique aesthetic sense. The gallery places an emphasis on the harmonious integration of art into everyday life, subscribing to the belief that art is not confined to museums or special occasions. Rather, it is a powerful medium that inspires, provokes thought, and encourages reflection at every moment.

What's New

Westland South Fine Art Showroom

Art Gallery London, Ontario

Located in The Art Exchange Building

Westland South, located in The Art Exchange building, is now open at 247 Wortley Rd. Visit Westland Gallery’s new showroom to see dozens of original artworks on display by our gallery artists. Visit the link below to learn more.

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