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Gerard Brender 'a Brandis

Gerard Brender à Brandis was born in Holland, and came to Canada with his family when he was five. After living in British Columbia and Nova Scotia he eventually settled in Stratford, Ontario, where he lives and maintains an open studio. Gerard Brender à Brandis is a member of the Wood Engravers’ Network, and has produced hundreds of drawings, wood engravings and watercolours of plants, landscape, buildings and musical instruments. His work is represented in the collections of many galleries, including the Art Gallery of Ontario Library, the University of California, Santa Barbara and the McMaster Library and Archives. They are also found among the collections of the Royal Botanical Gardens in Hamilton, Ontario, the Missouri Botanic Garden, the Arnold Arboretum and the Hunt Botanical Library.
Gerard Brender 'a Brandis

Available Artwork by Gerard Brender 'a Brandis

wood engraving

5.5'' x 12.0''


wood engraving

6.5'' x 8.2''


wood engraving

2.0'' x 3.125''


wood engraving

3.0'' x 2.0''


wood engraving

2.75'' x 1.0''


wood engraving

3.25'' x 2.5''


wood engraving

3.0'' x 3.0''


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