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Paint Your Inner Voice Workshop with Hailey Tallman – July 29th 2024 1-5pm SOLD OUT

Paint Your Inner Voice ~ 1 day workshop/Retreat July 29th 2024 1-5pm $100+hst

Join artist and art therapist Hailey Tallman for a day of learning to listen to your inner voice and letting it guide you through paint! Hailey’s Paint Your Inner Voice process is for anyone who wants to try painting more intuitively, wherein you let go of the product and paint for the process! Imagine doing mindfulness with a paintbrush in your hand: Which colour is your inner voice calling for? What lines and patterns feel right? You don’t have to know what you are doing, and it’s better if you let go of any plan because Hailey will be there to help you tune in to your inner voice and paint from a place of openness and freedom. The painting process will be followed by guided journalling to glean meaning from your painting, and will culminate in safe, community sharing of insights and takeaways from this unique process. You’re sure to leave with a whole new vision for how creating can be if you let go of judgement and open up to the process.

Hailey Tallman is an Artist, Art Therapist, and Therapeutic Art Facilitator. She graduated from bealart in 1998 and the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University with her BFA in 2003. She went on to get her Masters’ in Creative Arts Therapies from Concordia in 2015.  Inspired by her own personal healing through art and art therapy, Hailey created the therapeutic art process called “Paint Your Inner Voice” that focuses on process over product. This process helps people heal their “art scars” via connection with their inner knowing and opens them up to their inherent creativity. Hailey’s artwork is spontaneous, intuitive, and very colourful. It has been said to invoke a sense of joy and hope in those who see it.  Never pre-planned, her artwork is deeply intuitive. She follows her inner voice as she paints and is in constant dialogue with the colours, patterns, movement and emotions that emerge as she paints, both within her and on the canvas.

Please note there are no refunds for workshops. A credit will be given for extenuating circumstances. Credit may be used for future workshops or purchasing art from the gallery.



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