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Chris Klein

Chris is a British artist, currently sharing his time between Quebec and Ontario in Canada. Exhibiting in the UK, Europe, and North America. In 1983 Chris had his work accepted by the Royal Academy of Arts in London, UK for their prestigious Summer Exhibition. Before coming to Canada he was also an associate member of the Guild of Motoring Artists. His most successful series is his Costume paintings. Mainly from theatre, but also from movies, Museum collections, and from the world of fashion. Recently he has painted from the Royal Ceremonial collection in Kensington Palace in London, produced a commission from Disney for The Lion King, and been invited by Dame Zandra Rhodes to paint from her fashion collection. Zandra designed the famous shirts worn by Freddy Mercury and Brian May from Queen. Chris has painted the original shirt that Freddie fell in love with, and is currently working on more paintings, including some of Brian May's own collection. SELECTED SOLO EXHIBITIONS 2019: Bernarducci Gallery, New York 2017: Westland Gallery, London, Ontario, Canada 2016: Agora Gallery, Stratford, Ontario, Canada 2013: Galerie Richelieu, Montreal, Canada 2013: Galerie Luz, Montreal, Canada Recent AWARDS 2023: Finalist in the 9th Edition of the Boynes Artist Award [Professional Artist Category 2023: Finalist, AcrylicWorks 10: "The Best of Acrylic" 2022: 2nd Prize Winner, Artist Portfolio Magazine Issue 51 Art Competition 2022: Honourable Mention Winner, FiKVA-foundation 2022 awards 2022: Best of Show, Grey Cube Gallery, "Colors art show" 2022: Honorary mention, AcrylicWorks 9: “The Best of Acrylic” 2021: Runner up, Artist Network, “Artistic Excellence” 2021: Finalist, Acrylic Works 8: “The Best of Acrylic” 2021: Finalist, ARC Foundation 15th ARC Salon

Available Artwork by Chris Klein

oil on wood panel

24.0'' x 48.0''


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