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Art Workshops in London Ontario

Unlock Your Creativity Through Workshops

Unleash your creativity at Westland Gallery's art workshops. Designed for all skill levels, these hands-on sessions offer expert guidance and inspiration. Join us to explore different techniques and mediums, connect with fellow art enthusiasts, and embark on an enriching artistic journey.

Current & Upcoming Workshops

“The outside world and how it’s brought to life on canvas” This workshop with Denise will be held in the gallery. Bringing her Plein Air sensibility into a studio setting. Denise will be bringing a photo to work from for participants. You will discuss how photos lie and how it is important to do both plein air and studio work, and how both practices help the other. She will start by doing a quick demo, first creating the underpainting using burnt umber. You  will talk about values and how they do all the work, while colour gets all the glory.Colour will then be added over our underpainting. You will talk about glazes and how they are used to add a glow to your work. Denise will be available for all your painting and Plein Air or Studio painting questions. Workshop Material list Please bring the following materials. You are welcome to paint in either Oil or Acrylic. Denise will be painting in oils. Some of the following supplies are not needed if you are going to be using acrylic paint. Paint Odourless mineral spirits for cleanup in brush cleaner (oil) Soap to wash brushes (oil) OMS and linseed oil if you use as medium (oil) Brushes, what you prefer – rounds, flats, riggers etc. Palette knife Q-tips, or/and nail tees which are sharper ended q-tips. Sketchbook and pencils if you do thumbnails (not required) Painting panels – Denise uses Belgian linen. You can also get cotton. Canvas board or wood panels. Table top or standing easel (the gallery has some available so reach out if you do not have one) Suggested sizes: 9″ x 12″, 11” x 14”. It is easier to start small but you can go larger if you want.  It would be helpful to tone your panels with transparent oxide red (light so it is peach colour), transparent oxide yellow or a burnt umber ultramarine mix for a neutral grey before the workshop. Transparent oxide red is a great colour because it complements green for that pop. Paint colours Ultramarine blue (Rembrandt) Burnt Umber (Rembrandt) Titanium white Cadmium yellow light Brown madder (Rembrandt) or Alizarin crimson Sap Green (Rembrandt) Can also bring favourite colours. I may bring yellow ochre, violet grey.  Most of all bring your imagination and sense of fun! It’s going to be great!
Join Jen Hamilton for this 4 week Mixed Media Painting Workshop. Tuesdays 6:30-8:30. June 4th-25th During this 4-week Mixed Media Acrylic Painting workshop, students will explore painting with a focus on texture and non-traditional materials.  Pairing collage, textiles, stencils, and surface printing into traditional painting compositions, participants will push the limits of their creativity and expression. An award-winning printmaker and Painter from London, Ontario, Canada, Jen Hamilton’s practice encompasses interdisciplinary modes.  Working in printmaking, painting, drawing and sculpture she explores themes of motherhood, genetic memory, stress and the unconscious.  Her work is exhibited both nationally and internationally and is held in both private and public collections. To see  her work please visit or visit her on Instagram @jenhamiltonart.
Paint Your Inner Voice ~ 1 day workshop/Retreat July 29th 2024 1-5pm $100+hst Join artist and art therapist Hailey Tallman for a day of learning to listen to your inner voice and letting it guide you through paint! Hailey’s Paint Your Inner Voice process is for anyone who wants to try painting more intuitively, wherein you let go of the product and paint for the process! Imagine doing mindfulness with a paintbrush in your hand: Which colour is your inner voice calling for? What lines and patterns feel right? You don’t have to know what you are doing, and it’s better if you let go of any plan because Hailey will be there to help you tune in to your inner voice and paint from a place of openness and freedom. The painting process will be followed by guided journalling to glean meaning from your painting, and will culminate in safe, community sharing of insights and takeaways from this unique process. You’re sure to leave with a whole new vision for how creating can be if you let go of judgement and open up to the process. Hailey Tallman is an Artist, Art Therapist, and Therapeutic Art Facilitator. She graduated from bealart in 1998 and the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University with her BFA in 2003. She went on to get her Masters’ in Creative Arts Therapies from Concordia in 2015.  Inspired by her own personal healing through art and art therapy, Hailey created the therapeutic art process called “Paint Your Inner Voice” that focuses on process over product. This process helps people heal their “art scars” via connection with their inner knowing and opens them up to their inherent creativity. Hailey’s artwork is spontaneous, intuitive, and very colourful. It has been said to invoke a sense of joy and hope in those who see it.  Never pre-planned, her artwork is deeply intuitive. She follows her inner voice as she paints and is in constant dialogue with the colours, patterns, movement and emotions that emerge as she paints, both within her and on the canvas. Please note there are no refunds for workshops. A credit will be given for extenuating circumstances. Credit may be used for future workshops or purchasing art from the gallery.    
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