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Yvonne Nangle

Yvonne Nangle

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    London Artist, Yvonne Nangle’s art journey began with doodles. Not just on the page or canvas but from a deep seated need to DOODLE!

    In her corporate life, work notebook margins (and sometimes the middle of pages) were covered in whimsical doodles.

    She has translated those doodles into her art as she transitioned from working, to retirement and becoming a full time artist. Self taught, and  born into a family of artists, her whimsical style of painting is emerging.

    Working in acrylic paints and multimedia on canvas and on wood, she uses bright bold colours to encourage a viewer to smile, and experience some of the joy she gets from making her paintings.

    This series of paintings “Seeing Red” was inspired by a ride on the Agawa Canyon Train Ride out of Sault St. Marie on a sunny Canadian Autumn day when the colour of the leaves was glorious!

    519 649-2972
    54 Exmoor Pl
    London ON N5X 3W2

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